Sunday, May 1, 2011

Its been a long while

Well, well..I can not believe it is not 2011, and it has been so long that I forgot my password.

My creative surges are very short these past few years since I graduated from College, with working all week, it leaves only weekends for some fun/or down time, but housework and family are first and then creative time is last on the list..but I would like to add, I have been doing a few things.

I took a short little class, a few hours on beading embelishing and loved it.

I started a quilt as you go last fall. It was a Saturday class, and I have finished that also. I just have to add a label to the back of the quilt. My granddaughter will be the owner of this one. I plan to make one for each of my five grandchildren.

I have done a few beading classes, and enjoyed that also.

Hopefully it will not be so long until the next time I blog..sonja

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